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Delta PROFIBUS Communication Devices RTU-PD01

Delta PROFIBUS Communication Devices RTU-PD01

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Delta PROFIBUS Communication Devices

Supports max. baudrate 12M bps
Applicable for distributed control system in industrial automation

Delta Remote I/O Communication Module – RTU-PD01

A PROFIBUS DP remote communication module
Supports PROFIBUS DPV0 cyclic data transmission
Auto-detects baudrate, diagnosis
Max. baudrate: 12M bps
Connectable to 8 DVP-S series analog I/O modules
Connectable to 256 points of digital I/O modules
RS-485 port is connectable to max. 16 Modbus slaves
Supports max. 100 bytes of I/O data input and 100 bytes of output


Delta Industrial-Fieldbus-Catalog

See the Delta PROFIBUS Communication Devices RTU-PD01 page on AutomatedPT.com 



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