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Delta VFD C-2000 AC Drive Accessories

Item #
Delta CMC-EIP01 Ethernet/IP and MODBUS TCP Card
Delta CMC-MOD01 Modbus TCP Communication Card
Delta CMC-DN01 Ethernet/IP and MODBUS TCP Card
Delta CMC-PD01 Profibus Communication Module
Delta EMC-BPS01 EMC-BPS01 24VDC External Power Supply Card
Delta EMC-COP01 EMC-COP01 CANopen Card
Delta EMC-D42A EMC-D42A I/O Extension Card 4I/2O
Delta EMC-D611A EMC-D611A I/O CARD 110VAC 6 Input
Delta EMC-PG01L EMC-PG01L Encoder Feedback Card
Delta EMC-PG01O EMC-PG01O Encoder Feedback Card
Delta EMC-PG01R EMC-PG01R Resolver Feedback Card
Delta EMC-PG01U EMC-PG01U Encoder Feedback Card
Delta EMC-R6AA EMC-R6AA Relay Extension Card 6 Form A
Delta MKC-D0N1CB MKC-D0N1CB Conduit Box Kit Frame D NEMA1
Delta KPC-CE01 KPC-CE01 LED English Keypad
Delta KPC-CC01 KPC-CC01 Single Line LCD Keypad
Delta VFDB2022 VFDB2022 Brake Unit
Delta VFDB4045 VFDB4045 Brake Unit
Delta VFDB4110 VFDB4110 Brake Unit
Delta VFDB4160 VFDB4160 Brake Unit
Delta VFDB4185 VFDB4185 Brake Unit
Delta BR200W091 Breaking Resistor
 Delta BR200W360 Breaking Resistor
 Delta BR300W070 Breaking Resistor
Delta BR300W250 Breaking Resistor
Delta BR400W040 Breaking Resistor
Delta BR400W150 Breaking Resistor
Delta BR1K0W016 Breaking Resistor
Delta BR1K0W020 Breaking Resistor
Delta BR1K0W4P3 Breaking Resistor
Delta BR1K0W5P1 Breaking Resistor
Delta BR1K0W075 Breaking Resistor
Delta BR1K2W015 Breaking Resistor
Delta BR1K2W3P9 Breaking Resistor
Delta BR1K5W012 Breaking Resistor
Delta BR1K5W013 Breaking Resistor
Delta BR1K5W043 Breaking Resistor
Delta BR1K5W3P3 Breaking Resistor

VDFSOft V1.54
IFD6500 Driver

AutomatedPT can assist you in the development of Power Transmission systems to include Machine Retrofits, applying industrial Gear Motors, Brakes, Clutch’s and applying electrical or electronic Motor Controls and HMI interface applications.