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Delta VFD E AC Drive Accessories

VFD-E AC Drive Accessories

Item #
Delta KPE-LE02 KPE-LE02 Optional Keypad
Delta CME-DN01 CME-DN1 Internal DeviceNet card
Delta CME-LW01 CME-LW01 Internal LonWorks card
Delta CME-PD01 CME-PD01 Internal ProfiBus card
Delta CME-USB01 CME-USB01 Internal USB communication card
Delta EME-D33A EME-D33A Digital I/O Extension card
Delta EME-R2CA EME-R2CA 2 Form C relay extension card
Delta EME-R3AA EME-R3AA 3 Form A relay extension card
Delta EME-PG01 EME-PG01 Encoder feedback card
Delta EME-A22A EME-A22A Analog I/O Extension card
Delta CME-COP01 CME-COP01 Internal CANopen card
Delta MKE-DRA MKE-DRA Used on VFD-E Frame A
Delta MKE-DRB MKE-DRB Used on VFD-E Frame B
Delta MKE-EP MKE-EP Earthing Plate
Delta EG3010A 3 Meter Keypad Extension Cables
Delta RC-01 RC-01A Remote Start/Stop station
Delta BUE-20015 BUE-20015 Brake Unit
Delta BUE-40015 BUE-40015 Brake Unit
Delta BR200W150 Braking Resistor
Delta BR200W250 Braking Resistor
Delta BR300W400 Braking Resistor
Delta BR1K2W008 Braking Resistor
Delta BR1K5W005 Braking Resistor


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