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Delta VFD150VL23A/43A-J

The Delta Hybrid Servo Drive VFD-VJ Series is designed with AC servo technology to drive hydraulic systems with perfect control of the drive, motor and hydraulic unit.

Structure of a Hybrid Servo System – When pressure and flow instructions are given to the injection molding machine, the Delta VFD-VJ series begins PID calculation simultaneously to attain the actual pressure and speed feedback data, and drive the servo motor and the hydraulic pump. The Delta VFD-VJ series offers you a system with fast response and high duplication accuracy.

Delta VFD150VL23A-43A-J

Frame No. D: VFD150VL23A/43A-J 230V/3-phase – 15kW 20HP


  • Field Oriented Control
  • Suitable for both synchronous servo motors and asynchronous servo motors
  • Built-in brake unit (up to 22kW)
  • RS-485 communication interface (RJ-45) and standard MODBUS communication protocol
  • Precise current detection for system protection with safety ensured
  • New software for PC connection allows real time monitoring of AC motor drive status

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Delta VFD-VJ Catalogue

Delta VFD-VJ Manual and Specs

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